Monday, March 24, 2008

sometimes people make you wonder..

Feeling emboldened by the advice and help of Whimsy Winx of Virtually Dressed and Caliah Lyon of MUSE jewelry i finally finished the daunting task of completing my first real post. After such an accevement i cannot help but to run over the grid and find new and wonderful things to blog. and i run into a reoccouring theme in the men i run into in the various shops i visited. The Leathered Badass.. now i never quite got the memo when it was said in the giant tome o' manliness that this, is what is considered all that is manly

Notice the extreme reverse triangle effect of the shape, looks like this guy has some serious 'roid rage issues. Second, the cheesy tribal tattoo, the way the tattoo is stretched over the shape just doesnt look right. Third of all, since when is leather pants, bare chests and hair halfway down your back socially acceptable outside of a hippie D/s festival.. looking like a fabio reject is a NO GO. But there is good in all, and the good in this one is that he is checking out the The Abyss skin line, admiting you have a problem is the first step to recovery random leather dude..
Deker Laxness

my first (real) post

So i thought today i would emulate some of my favorite bloggers in Second Life and make a outfit of the day of sorts. So i ask my lovely woman December Dollinger what it takes to create a blog, and i find out that it seems like alotta work with all that photoshop magic n junk so im sending all this outfit goodness to you RAW and UNEDITED! be prepared to be blown away... (by cheesiness)

What i am wearing:
Minnu Model Skin: sexy- LGHT- shaved @
Hair by Truth: James - Brunette @
Eyes by Tuli: Bright Blue Eyes @
Shirt by Redgrave w/ optional tie and prim cuffs: Black Dot-Pattern @
Pants by Redgrave: Blue-Jeans with Belt @
Shoes by Shiny Things: Murphys - Black @

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My First Attempt at Blogging

Now that i have your attention, So every day im told i need to get a blog, so here is me giving into that peer pressure, hope your happy fashcon :P
Enough about my reasoning for this blog's existance and onto the main event
Just about every guy who pays even a miniscule amount of attention in SL ends up looking the same as anyone else. Hence, being a "Cookie Cutter", I am one of those stamped out fashionistos.
In short this blog will be whatever i want it to be, one day it might be a look of the day, some others it might me venting on random things in SL. Stay Tuned for whats in store